Snyder Dojo belt tie

Snyder Dojo belt tie

Crab walk series

let’s keep moving with some crab walks

Bear crawls

we can all enjoy some bear crawls and 3 legged dogs 

Push up time

Push-up, sit-ups, reverses sir-ups, judo push-ups, judo sit-ups. 

3 judo push-up my pace

3 judo push-up my pace,

You are welcome to do it again or watch it in do it in slow motion

Wall Sits

Wall Sits, planks and more

Mat pulls

lets Do some fun fun mat pulls 

Ippon Seoi Nage – One arm shoulder throw

Walk-through of Uchikomi (step in for throw without throwing) of Ippon Seoi Nage – One arm shoulder throw

O-Soto--Gari - Major outer reap

Walkthrough of an uchikomi (practice throat without throwing) for O-Soto--Gari - Major outer reap

De Ashi Hari Paper

Here is a drill to do at home to work on de ashi hari the advanced foot sweep

leg lifts

Some fun drills like leg lifts, bicycle, egg beaters

Inch worms

hallway drills


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