How to get Started


So you have not done anything like this before?

You can come down and watch a class or try a class for free. If you want to try the class, show up a few minutes ahead of a scheduled class and fill out a liability waiver; then you’re ready to try the class.


What should you ware

Pants: sweat pants or exercise pants without snaps, zippers or buttons. You can do fight or board shorts for MMA and Grappling. 

Shirts: T-shirt or Rashguard


Classes are mixed level classes

All classes are a mix of advanced and beginner-level students with the advanced students helping to guide and assist with instruction. This setup is mutually beneficial because beginners get personal attention and advanced have the opportunity to become even more familiar with the techniques through instruction.

Which class should I take?

Try them out


Everyone is welcome to try the classes. Just fill out a waiver and join in! If you’re not quite ready to try you’re welcome to observe and ask questions.

How are the classes different


MMA is the only class with striking: punches and kicks; Judo and BJJ wear gis, but BBJ focuses on ground work and Judo focuses on throws; Grappling is no gi

Try them all


You can do all the classes if you have the time. Most people do classes 2-3 days a week. You can switch up the classes you attend as you go.